DJ Food’s Kraftwerk Month

Strictly Kev, the DJ, producer, record collector, graphic designer, mixtape master and comic aficionado better known as DJ Food has many passions of a musical nature, but he’s been putting all his energies into one in particular over the past few weeks. Kraftwerk Month has seen Kev post daily on the quartet from Dusseldorf who almost single-handedly revolutionised – and popularised – electronic music during the Seventies and Eighties.


DJ Food a.k.a Strictly Kev

The motivation behind the celebration came from the forthcoming Kraftwerk residency at the MoMA in New York. As reported in Recommends earlier in the year, the iconic group will be playing some of their most iconic albums in full, with a series of specially designed 3D projections. Unfortunately for Kev, tickets proved elusive, so he decided to focus his energies on a month long campaign on

Perhaps most impressive of all the posts have been the Kraftwerk Kover Kollections, a series of seven mixes made up of tracks that cover, sample and pay homage to the work of band leaders Florian Schneider and Ralf Hütter. Each mix boasts around forty tracks, all spliced together with the high level turntable trickery fans of DJ Food have come to expect over the years. Starting off with more recognisable and renowned covers and samples, the series soon diverts into the kind of esoterica only accessible to true crate diggers.


An early Kraftwerk 8 Track from Kev’s collection

Drawing on an encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject and a wealth of memorabilia, Kev’s daily posts have offered a fascinating insight into Kraftwerk’s back catalogue. He has shared stories on some of their most iconic album covers, and collated many of the visual tributes they’ve inspired over the years. He has also referenced other enthusiasts, one of the most ambitious being designer Stephanie Posavec, who created a poster inspired by the album Computer World. Measuring exactly how much tape would have been needed to record the album, she then used the dimensions as the basis for her own design.

Computer World by Stephanie Posavec

Kraftwerk Month will conclude at the end of March, so keep an eye on for more of the same. DJ Food will be appearing live at a number of festivals this summer, whilst ‘The Search Engine‘ is out now on Ninja Tune.

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