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Since 2016, the most sought-after award in new music has been known as the Hyundai Mercury Prize, bringing together the most innovative British & Irish artists with one of the world’s leaders in electric mobility. Harnessing creativity and passion to effect positive change in the world, both Hyundai and the Prize are united in their mission.

We work together to ensure the Prize is as environmentally friendly as possible, providing a fleet of zero emissions vehicles for the shortlisted artists and judges to get around. We promote artists’ messages far and wide, including putting their names in lights at one of the most iconic locations in the world, Piccadilly Circus. We each learn from the creativity and ingenuity of true perfectionists.

And as the Hyundai Mercury Prize evolves, we evolve too. This year artists and judges will be transported by IONIQ 5, the ultimate in zero emissions transport from Hyundai. Fully electric and rich in eco-friendly materials, including those extracted from sugar cane, it’s both desirable and sustainable. Able to charge from 10%-80% in just 18-minutes and travel up to 300 miles on a single charge, with IONIQ 5 there are no compromises.

To find out more about Hyundai’s involvement in the Hyundai Mercury Prize visit: blog.hyundai.co.uk/experiences/music