About Hyundai

Since 1967, Hyundai has had four decades of incredible innovation. During this period, we’ve developed cutting-edge technology in all the right areas and we’ve been striving to strengthen our leadership in clean technology. We’ll soon be launching the All-New NEXO, a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle which arrives with a futuristic design and harnesses all the latest in zero-emission technology. As well as the KONA Electric, the first compact electric SUV in Europe adding a touch of elegance and efficiency to the range.

At the heart of our brand is the desire to think differently and always challenge convention. It’s this relentless commitment to innovation and our forward-thinking philosophy that’s seen us arrive at where we are today. We sell technologically-advanced, high quality vehicles to people in more than 190 countries and employ over 110,000 people worldwide. 2019 is the latest chapter in our innovation story. As title partner of the Hyundai Mercury Prize, we’re proud to support the UK and Ireland’s most innovative musicians, in their endless pursuit for musical perfection.

We believe in great ideas. But it’s only when a great idea is put into action that it becomes something special. Innovators are at the heart of great ideas, as they bring ideas to life and make them a reality. At Hyundai, we are dedicated to bringing great ideas to life as we support innovators in music. We are proud to sponsor the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize and we believe the future of music belongs to innovators. To see how you can get involved in the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize, visit blog.hyundai.co.uk.

To find out more, visit www.hyundai.co.uk