Ticket Terms & Conditions

Mercury Prize Limited
Ticket Terms and Conditions

1. These terms and conditions (“Conditions”) and the terms and conditions of the Eventim Apollo (the “Venue Conditions”) apply to any and all tickets to the 2023 Mercury Prize with FREE NOW due to be held at the Eventim Apollo on 7 September 2023 (the “Event”).

2. Any person who purchases, holds or uses a Ticket (“Ticket Holder”) acknowledges and agrees that they are subject to the Conditions and to the Venue Conditions.

3. The Conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in MPL’s sole discretion. MPL will post any amendments to the Conditions in relevant section of the URL: http://www.mercuryprize.com/terms-conditions (the “Website”) without further notice. Ticket Holders should check the Website regularly for any amendments.

4. In the event of a breach of the Conditions and/or the Venue Conditions by a Ticket Holder, MPL or its agents may at their sole discretion: (a) render and declare the Ticket void; (b) refuse the Ticket Holder admission to the Event; and/or (c) remove the Ticket Holder from the Event.

5. The Event is organised and Tickets are issued by Mercury Prize Limited, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX (“MPL”). The Event is taking place at the Eventim Apollo, 45 Queen Caroline Street, London W6 9QH (“Venue”).

6. All persons who wish to gain access to the Event must have a valid Ticket.

7. People aged 14 years and under will only be admitted to the Event with an accompanying adult. For the purposes of the Conditions, an adult is a person aged 18 years and over. No person under the age of 3 will be admitted.

8. Delivery of Tickets purchased from the Venue and/or the Venue’s agent and/or any other official sellers of Tickets, will be subject to such delivery terms and conditions as set out in the relevant party’s sale process.  The method of collection and/or delivery of Tickets purchased directly from MPL will be advised by MPL. 

9. Ticket Holders may only leave and re-enter the Venue during the Event at the discretion of the management of the Venue. 

10. By being present at the Event, Ticket Holders consent to being filmed and/or recorded. Ticket Holders also agree not to assert any moral (or similar) rights and give all necessary consents under the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 (as amended) and all other applicable legislation in respect of any film and/or recordings.  MPL is entitled to make full use of any film and/or recording in all current and future media worldwide without any liability or payment to Ticket Holders, including permitting others to do the same.

11. If a Ticket is declared void or if a Ticket Holder is refused admission or removed from the Event because of a breach of these Conditions or of the Venue Conditions, no money shall be refunded.

12. MPL or its agents shall be entitled, but not obliged, to carry out identity and security checks (including photographic ID checks) upon presentation of the Ticket by a Ticket Holder at the Event.  If the Ticket Holder is not on MPL’s list of intended attendees at the Event (as notified to MPL by the person(s) that purchased that Ticket Holder’s Ticket at the time of purchase or prior to the Event), MPL and its agents may, at their sole discretion, declare that Ticket Holder’s Ticket void and MPL and its agents may refuse that Ticket Holder admission to the Event or remove that Ticket Holder from the Event.

13. Neither the Ticket Holder nor any person associated with them (other than MPL or its agents) is entitled to assign, donate, transfer or otherwise dispose of the Ticket itself or any rights arising from the Ticket to any third party.  In particular, but without limitation, a Ticket Holder may not:

(a) sell, resell, expose, offer or make available for sale, auction, donate or otherwise dispose of Ticket(s) in any manner or place whatsoever, including, without limitation, online via an online auction website or online ticket resale marketplace; and/or

(i) advertising, sales or promotional purposes;

(ii) premium give-aways, competitions, prize draws or sweepstakes; or

(iii) hospitality or travel packages.

14. In the event of a conflict between the Conditions and the Venue Conditions, the Conditions shall prevail.

15. No briefcases, backpacks or large bags will be allowed at the Event.

16. No photographic/recording equipment is allowed at the Event.  Ticket Holders acknowledge that prohibited items may be confiscated by MPL/Eventim Apollo. Mobile phones and tablet devices are permitted for personal and private use only by Ticket Holders. 

17. Ticket Holders are NOT permitted to use mobile phones, tablet devices or any other recording and/or electronic devices to photograph and/or record the Event in any capacity and will not publish or otherwise make any content from the Event available to third parties including, without limitation, via social networking sites unless otherwise authorized by MPL.

18. As a condition of admission to the Event, you assign (by way of present assignment of future copyright) the copyright in any photographs, films, or recordings that you make at the Event in breach of this prohibition to MPL.

19. Please ensure mobile phones, tablet devices, smart watches, pagers, alarms of any kind and any other electronic devices which may disturb and/or disrupt the Event are switched off during the performance.

20. MPL/Eventim Apollo reserves the right to refuse admission to the Venue and/or the Event.

21. Security searches will take place.

22. Latecomers may not be admitted into the auditorium until a suitable break in the Event.

23. Artists’ appearances at the Event are subject to change. MPL/Eventim Apollo are under no obligation to provide a Ticket Holder with notice of any such changes.

24. Please note that strobe lighting, smoke effects and confetti cannons may be used in the production. Ticket Holders with known medical conditions who may be susceptible to such effects are recommended to seek further advice.

25. MPL accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any person or any property (including without limitation, any loss of the Tickets).

26. MPL reserves the right at any time, and under its sole discretion, to withdraw, cancel, amend or void any Ticket issued to the Event.

27. The Conditions shall be governed by English law, and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.